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Visualise how your PR coverage impacts real-world outcomes

Turn your tracker spreadsheet into a coverage-over-time graph in a flash. Layer on data like sales, web traffic or search trends and connect PR activity to organisational impact.

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How it works

Turn a CSV of coverage data into a timeline graph

We'll extract publication dates, count up coverage and magically create a coverage timeline graph that's good enough to share. It works with exports from popular PR platforms or tracker spreadsheets.

Add impact data & compare to real world outcomes

A coverage timeline graph is awesome, but why stop there? Add impact data and see how your coverage affected real world outcomes that clients and management really need to know about.

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I really love how CoverageImpact will take your media placements and overlay results, such as stock price increase, qualified leads generated, or new sales.You upload a CSV file of all of the stories you’ve placed and then give it the data from one of the business outcomes and it will pump out a graph that shows the correlation between your efforts and an increase in the business outcomes. Suddenly, you’re less worried about how many stories you’ve placed and more focused on what matters: the outcomes of those efforts.

Gini Dietrich, Founder of Spin Sucks | Creator of the PESO Model©

Learn why and how to use CoverageImpact from Gini, in her podcast episode:

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“How to make your metrics tell stories”

The Spin Sucks Podcast with Gini Dietrich


I’m not sure what outcomes or impact to correlate against my coverage.

Help is at hand. The mighty AMEC association are dedicated to teaching PR professionals about measurement. Check out their amazing Integrated Evaluation Framework which will give you all kinds of ideas on outcomes and impacts you could attempt to graph.

Will the graph prove that PR caused an impact?

This visualisation may help to showcase and infer a potential connection and correlation between coverage and impact. It cannot prove that the coverage caused the impact (if any) shown. But it’s a good start and will open up some good conversations. To learn more about the difference between correlation and causation read this excellent article from Stuart Bruce: “In public relations correlation is not causation

I tried to upload coverage data and it’s not working

Annoying. So close and yet so far. We’ve tried to build support for most of the popular PR tools that let you export your coverage data.

The most common reason uploads fail is because we can't read the date format in your sheet. Dates should be in some form of day, month and year format. The uploads that fail tend to have things like Jan/Feb written as a date. Or they include a day and month like 03/09 but miss out a year. For us to graph we need day, month and year. The final reason is that sometimes we see future dates listed. i.e. 28/12/29. We can't process dates in the future.

But if it’s not working let us know and we’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, you can use our template CSV instead.

The PR tool I use to track coverage is not listed. Can I still use this?

Yes. You can use our template CSV instead. Just copy and paste the “publication” date column from the data you have into this template. Then upload that. We’d also love it if you let us know which tool you were trying to use and we’ll see what we can do to build in support.

I tried to add decimal numbers as “impact” data and it won’t let me.

This is version 1. Supporting decimal numbers in this kind of visualisation is weirdly not super easy to make happen. But we’re on it. If you really need this to use the tool we’d love to hear from you. We can then let you know when it’s working.

Is the data I upload safe and private?

Yes. We only actually use the “publication” dates in your CSV upload to count up all the coverage and create a timeline graph. All the other data is ignored and we safely delete all other data within 48 hours.
Of course, if you prefer you can use our template CSV instead. Just copy and paste the “publication” date column from the data you have into this template. Then upload that.

Do I need to be a CoverageBook user to use this tool?

No. We want anybody to be able to use this. Of course, it’s super easy for CoverageBook users to export CSVs and make graphs using CoverageImpact.

I wish this tool did...

We’d love to hear your experiences. What’s missing for you? Let’s talk about it.